the part of a plant embryo that develops into the primary root.
a root-like subdivision of a nerve or vein.
Michelle Carnochan BHSc DBM Holistic Medical Herbalist
Michelle Carnochan


Hi there, I’m Michelle. Welcome! I’m a wife, a mother, a lover of nature, a child of the Light, a seeker of truth, an alchemist, a holder of sacred space, a birthkeeper, and a herbalist. My practice is grassroots and traditional, biodynamic and heart-coherent. I’m a seasoned sojourner, a galactic wayfarer if you will, taking my passion and following my calling to share the joy and abundance of plant medicine and plant food wherever I go.

I have plied my craft in various settings such as working in a health food shop, a multi-disciplinary clinic, in private practice, and hand in hand with my service as a doula (traditional birth attendant), and concurrently, with the daily demands of mothering and managing a household.

A vegetarian for over twenty years, I am also passionate about plants as a life-giving and sustainable source of bioavailable nutrition. I love flexing my creative muscle in the kitchen, as much as in the apothecary.

I am fascinated by this ancient relationship between plants and people. We have, after all, quite literally grown up together. As such I believe that plant medicine inherently belongs to the people. Free to all, regardless of age, gender, creed, or financial and social status. So my hope is to encourage and inspire the community to remember this, to remember the simplicity of either growing or harvesting one’s own food and medicine, but also remembering the profundity of the healing and nourishment that the plants offer.

As a backdrop to my practice, I also have a deep appreciation for the intricacy, and the exquisite design of the human body as whole, as well as our relationship to our surrounding environment, and to each other.  My work therefore involves not only supporting and nourishing the body’s own inherent wisdom through the art and science of traditional western herbalism, but also holding the space for people to allow their hearts to heal and open to love. I believe that this is the root of wellness on all levels of our being. I believe that we are each of us unique fractals of the greater creation, created & connected by an even greater Consciousness. I see the patterns inherent in nature, represented in our own beings, and so my calling is to help people rediscover the roots of wellness, to reconnect with nature and with the Creator so that they can heal, grow, transform, and blossom. My work is truly wholistic.

I am a perpetual student and so I continue to develop my skills and understanding in order to serve those in need.

The formal spiel….

I hold  Bachelor of Health Science (Complementary Medicine) with an advanced diploma in Western Herbal Medicine, as well as advanced diplomas in classical homoeopathy, and certificates in Iridology, Detoxification, & Naturopathic Nutrition. I am currently training in Emotional Healing work and working with unlocking & releasing stored trauma in the energetic body. I am also a certified Doula and Independent Childbirth Educator, and a professional member of the National Herbalists Association of Australia.

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ABN: 734 602 39 398