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The Smoothie Bowl Paradox: A recipe for maximum excitation.

Why a paradox?

Well, is it a mere beverage, or a fulfilling meal?

A simple pudding, or a veritable theme park of epicurean delight in which lingual papillae are invited to revel in hedonistic bliss?

The humble Smoothie, dear reader, has evolved.

Long gone are the days when a smoothie was typically banana (or sometimes strawberry), milk, and sweetener, and sometimes yoghurt. Served in a glass.

A glass?

How droll.

Apparently, (the Divine Council of Hipsters has ordained) they are now served in A BOWL.

And SUPERFOODS Must Be Involved.

Am I being too facetious?



I actually love Smoothie Bowls & the creative scope they offer. And they offer an awesome breakfast (or anytime) alternative for the more difficult epicureans, like myself, who don’t eat cereal grains or pseudo-grains, INCLUDING THE SO-CALLED ‘GLUTEN-FREE’ OATS (a semantic technicality – ‘Gluten’ is a compound term. Each cereal grain such as barley, rye, wheat, spelt, kamut, AND OATS, has it’s own glutenous compound term. They all breakdown into the same components. In Oats it’s called AVENIN and in Coeliacs and most people with auto-immunity it’s INFLAMMATORY ACTION is the same as ‘Gluten’. I would REALLY love for people to start doing their own research on this, instead of falling prey to marketing hype. And no, I don’t hate Oats or the people that love Oats. I love Oats  – I just can’t eat them – but they do offer incredible nerve nourishing medicine for people who can.).

Ahem, back to Smoothie Bowls.

Since breaking my juice feast, I’ve been having a Smoothie Bowl for my second breakfast. (Yes, I eat like a hobbit. Elevenses is involved. Usually between second breakfast and lunch. Sometimes it comes between first and second breakfast. I typically have a green juice for First Breakfast. It’s really not as complicated as it sounds.) Depending on what’s tickled my fancy – fruit-wise I’ll use that as my main flavour in the Bowl. The house-sit where we are currently living has a number of fruit trees, and the stone-fruits are in season, so I’ve been blessed to have some home-grown plums to add to the Bowls this week. The following is the recipe for the Bowl that I’ve been having this week;


Image Credit: Michelle Carnochan 2015
Image Credit: Michelle Carnochan 2015


Blueberry & Plum Yummer Summer Bowl

1 cup coconut water

¾ cup fresh or frozen blueberries

1 Tbs wild Bee Pollen (* obviously if you’re a vegan omit this)

1 scoop (30g?) SunWarrior Vanilla Protein (I have also used Hemp protein with 1 vanilla bean – this is actually my preferred protein source when I can get it)

2 Tbs chia seeds

1 Tbs liquid Sunflower Lecithin

28g scoop of your favourite superfood/supergreens blend (I make my own. It has 32 different plants in it. Woohoo! Plant-power.)

2 heaped tsp Cacao.

Place everything in a high speed blender and blend, gradually increasing to high until all ingredients are well incorporated. Then pour into your favourite bowl. I let mine sit while I prepare the toppings so the chia seeds can set it somewhat.

Toppings: lucuma, bee pollen, hemp seeds, goji berries, blueberries, plums, mint, cinnamon.

You can make your Smoothie Bowl as simple or as complex as you like, depending on seasonal offerings, what your ‘lingual papillae’ (tastebuds) are in the mood for, and/or what your health needs are. You could start simply with just coconut water or a plant-based mylk, some fresh or frozen fruit, some mild greens, and some chia seeds, and then add whatever toppings you like. The possibilities are endless!  Sometimes, I’ll also add coconut yoghurt to my toppings. One of my greatest joys in life is playing with my food and seeing what flavours, textures, and colours go well together, and which foods my body loves. I think this offers as much nourishment as the food itself.

So have fun with it, and delight your senses!

Many Blessings,

Michelle xo