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Embrace the Abundance.

Have you ever considered that long before you were born, or even thought of, that all of your needs for sustenance and healing had been provided for? That out of the Earth arose an abundance of free food and medicine that is still available today? But in order to see this abundance we have to let go of some preconceived ideas. Firstly, we have to let go of the belief that in order to feed ourselves we have to work for it. We have to let go of the poverty consciousness, the belief that only if we have money can we afford to eat – and essentially survive. We have to let go of the mindset that says that in order to heal we need to see an expert who’ll give us little white pills. As a species we seek a magic bullet, a magic pill to take away everything that we struggle with, yet we fail to see the magic around us.

Roald Dahl once said;

Watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you, because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.


I’ve mentioned this before. Have you found your joy? Have you walked the world in wonder today, as you once did as a child? To those willing to see, to those willing to open their heart of perception with wonder and gratitude for the secrets hidden in plain sight, the mother load of all treasure troves awaits.

Today my children and I ventured out for our daily constitutional along one of our favourite beaches. The Winter sun warmed our faces as we breathed in the gently cleansing ocean air, flooding our cells with those life-enhancing negative ions, the sand massaging our bare feet as we walked. The wildness of this environment infuses my soul with a spirit of freedom. I drink deeply, feeling recharged, renewed, alive. As I walk and listen to the playful banter of my children, I give thanks in my spirit for this blessing of freedom and peace, for the blessing of the wild places. There’s a rocky island outcrop settled on the water’s edge in the middle of this stretch of coastline. We determine that that’s where we’ll walk to before we turn around and head back home. As we get close enough to notice the detail of various enclaves hidden in the rock, my eye catches a splash of verdant green tumbling, trendling, from the summit. My heart skips a beat in excitement. I feel like I’ve run into a dear old friend. Such is the feeling I get when I meet these remarkable, familiar, wild beings. This is Pigface, an interesting common name that doesn’t really speak of it’s attributes. Perhaps it is better to call it by it’s formal name, Carpobrotus glaucescens. It typically grows in exposed coastal areas such as sand dunes by the sea. The leaves are succulent, contain much water, and can be somewhat salty in taste. A salty taste in wild edibles is often indicative of a high mineral salt content. Pigface also produce a tasty fruit that turns purple when ripe. Unfortunately, this particular wild being was too highly perched to sample, and so I feasted on it’s mere presence instead.

There is abundance wherever you look, but you have to look with those glittering eyes of wonder 😀

pigface at lighthouse


and a slightly better view (photo credit for the below shot:


Many Blessings,

Michelle x


Carpobrotus glaucescens
Carpobrotus glaucescens