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The science of Nutrition these days is scary. Mainly because it’s often contradictory, and usually confusing, especially for the everyday human. Everybody seems to be on some special diet bandwagon, and the governments, well, they can chop and change their recommendations according to the latest population studies and powerful lobbying. What it all boils down to is money, and who can make a killing (often literally) from a public in need, and in dire straits. Our food has been corrupted, from the soil to the plate. And unfortunately, a large portion of our daily plate is devoid of any nutritional value. This isn’t nutrition. As such a billion dollar supplement industry has now grown that exploits this fact. It’s a catch-22 that is no longer sustainable.

In reality….

Nutrition defined is;

the process of providing or obtaining the food necessary for health and growth.
or in other words, Nourishment.
But what is Nourishment? Breast milk for a baby is life-giving sustenance. It is nourishing, but not just for it’s developmentally-perfect nutrient content. Breast milk is nourishing because it also contains those subtle nutrients that we all crave and need, in copious amounts. Love, acceptance, acknowledgement, and security. Can we continue to glean this subtle nutrition from our food even long after we’ve weaned?
The ideal diet would perhaps be one that consists solely of food that we have loving grown, raised, or foraged or hunted in the wild for ourselves. As a part of this, our diet would follow the seasons. It would be consumed fresh and minimally processed, and preserved naturally for the more dormant months through drying and fermentation, without the use of manmade chemicals and isolated chemical constituents. It would be grown in accordance with a keen observation and replication of the habitats, companion plants, and growth patterns of wild cultivars. There would be no need to use chemicals to deter predators because the soil would be well nourished and small eco systems would be created to achieve a harmonious balance. The balance that existed between home-grown, and foraged or hunted would also provide a good variety of food that would include traditional vegetables and fruits, to nuts, seaweeds, fungi, berries, wild edible leaves, fruits, roots, and flowers, and wild bee products. And because of this, the nutrient profile of the food would be much greater.
Just as mother’s milk gives us that deep connection on a human level, so too a diet that is consistent with our original design, that of our interconnectedness with the Earth, and ultimately with the Creator. It is this working with our design, rather than against it, that truly nourishes our very soul and ensures a well life.
In this current western society, not all of us are in a position, or indeed have the inclination to tend the land for our food, so what do we do, especially when we are constantly being marketed to about the latest trend or fad diet?
Out of all these diets, there are some major things in common which happen to align with our ideal;
* eat whole foods
* eat locally produced, seasonal, and organic where possible. If organic isn’t readily available, wash produce thoroughly before consuming.
* eat a wide variety of food
* avoid genetically-modified food
* avoid processed and refined foods such as white flour, table sugar, and table salt.
A lot of the current trends in diet not only work because of the above common factors, but also because they eliminate foods such as grains (specifically heavily hybridized gluten-containing grains), and refined dairy that are inflammatory for some people. A lifetime of eating foods that aren’t aligned with the design creates distress in the body, and if continued over several generations cellular memory dictates which genes for which illness are switched on.
Knowing what to eat shouldn’t be scary or difficult. As babies, we instinctively knew what we needed, and we knew where it came from and how to get it! Nutrition in this modern age is as much about remembering to trust our innate hunger as it is relearning how to feed ourselves, and our souls.
As a vital component of the Radicle Wellness, how we nourish our bodies is never overlooked. If you need help with menus and meal planning, knowing what to eat and when, resources, and alternatives, or just need inspiration for recipes, I am here to help. Food and love are basic human needs, and basic birthrights.
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