What is prayer but the willingness of the heart to engage in relationship with something greater than oneself. We pray for peace, for healing, we give thanks in prayer, and we cry out in prayer for courage. It is an act of humility, and a deep source of healing for the soul. From time immemorial, regardless of which Divinity we acknowledge, even amongst those of us who profess that there is none, we often, instinctively, particularly in times of dire need, feel an urge to offer prayer.  The modern invocation of ‘Oh My God’ that has entered the vernacular of young and old belies this inherent, and ancient, urge to have a relationship with that seemingly intangible Source of all that is.

In the holistic paradigm of human wellness, spirituality is a defining aspect. A deep Faith/Trust in, and a relationship with God, or the Divine gives us a sense of security, of Love, of inner peace, and adds a rich meaning to our lives. It gives us a purpose to let our light shine. It gives us the eyes to see the abundance around us, and it gives us joy.

Prayer is a foundational cornerstone for The Ministry of Radicle Wellness. Typically, prayer is incorporated in medicine making, and to support you on your journey, whether your Faith needs rekindling, or you are open to having someone who has an intimate relationship with God pray with you, or simply for you during your journey to being wholly well.

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