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Pride & Parasites

Often times the physical creation speaks, to those who choose to hear, of the deeper mysteries of life, the universe, and everything in it. Oftentimes we see a profound parable in the wonders of nature that teach us valuable, life-affirming principles that we can apply to our own daily sojourn through this world.

And often when we see it once, we begin to see it everywhere. Some folk call this Synchronicity.

My last few posts have been centred around this thing we call dysbiosis. I suppose we could say that the literal definition of Dysbiosis is ‘the condition of fragmented life’. In health terms we relate it to the balance of microflora in the digestive tract, and to the integrity of the gut wall. Collectively this ‘system’ is known as the Human microbiome. And as we’ve discussed previously, an imbalance, or a disharmony in this system, can lead to all sorts of health problems – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

Yes. Spiritual.
More often than not, our spiritual dysbiosis is often at the root of our physical dysbiosis. And we’re all about digging down to those roots.

I mentioned previously that by Divine revelation I realised that the debilitating Sleep Paralysis that I had suffered from (yes, i am still healed) was caused largely by a dysbiosis in my microbiome, and with the opportunistic Candida albans in particular. Candida is a funny creature. Its starts out as a yeast, and then morphs into a fungus that literally takes root as it gets more comfortable, more systemic. But it’s presence does not incite a funny response from the body.

I also might have mentioned that this revelation occurred during the Feast of Unleavened Bread. Funny name, but tremendously significant. During the seven days of this Feast, we endeavour to put all leavened products out of our homes, and out of our diets, and when we eat bread it is only bread that hasn’t been leavened. This is important, because the leaven – the yeast – is representative of sin, particularly of pride. Why? Because just as yeast (or leaven) puffs up and causes bread to rise, so to does our own pride. We become self-important, self-righteous, holier than thou, and wise in our own eyes.

I don’t think that anyone can deny that we currently live in the Age of Narcissism. We have iThis and iThat, selfies are a thing, self-empowerment rules (oxymoron much?), and thanks to social media we can now block quote and meme our own opinionated ‘wisdom’ and impose it on the world. There are a lot of self-appointed gurus in the world, and a lot of superfluous sound-bytes that delight the ear, but are essentially without any substance.

And it’s easy to get caught up in it all.

You’re response usually scrambles to the opposite corners of the ring. You either think that you too are important because you have a degree and you know stuff and therefore everybody should listen to your opinion, or you huddle in the corner feeling inadequate and unloved.

Is it really worth it?

So we keep the Feast of Unleavened Bread in order to help us put on the mind of Humility. To put on the mind of the Messiah. To learn to think outside ourselves.

Funnily enough, in the lead up to this Feast when I was attempting to really exam myself and my motivations and behaviours, I began to feel really judged by someone I had called a friend, and this really made me feel uncomfortable. My knee-jerk reaction to this feeling was to begin to see all of this person’s flaws as well.

And then I find out about the candida. Which is a yeast.
Think about it.
(I see a proverb about planks coming on.)

Synchronicity? Doubt it.

Since then, I’ve been seeing stuff about yeast, moulds, and fungus everywhere. We all have these parasites, these opportunistic hitchhikers living in and on us all the time, we pick them up from everywhere. But why do parasites become so attached?

Parasites are scavengers. They show up, or become more prolific if there’s dead, dying, or weak diseased tissue up for grabs. This is important to understand.

The apostle Paul (Sha’ul) said ‘a little leaven leavens the whole lump’.

Recently a friend of mine received the revelation that the house that she was living in was contributing to her severe auto-immune condition, due to a serious mould problem. This was the last piece of a puzzle that I had been pondering for some time. Her experience suddenly made it all make sense.

In chapter 13 of the book of Leviticus there is a number of instructions for the management of a skin condition that can become so virulent that it gets into clothing, and into the walls of the house. While in english we read this as ‘leprosy’, this is a poor translation of the original hebrew word that at least was not identifiable to the scribes who originally translated it. It could have been a yeast, mould, or fungus of some sort, but regardless of what it actually was, my friend’s experience immediately brought this particular instruction to mind and I began to see the spiritual principle behind it. From the physical angle we are being taught matters of hygiene and quarantine (which in themselves encompass the spiritual principle of protecting those around us and thereby loving our neighbour), and on the spiritual level this is expounded as a means to watch the pervasive attitude of pride and self-righteousness before it becomes so infectious that it consumes the whole house, which then must be destroyed if the infection has become too stubborn to effectively clean. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not in any way accusing my friend of being self-righteous. In fact she is one of the most humble people that I know, and the house was unknowingly already infected when she moved in.

To more effectively illustrate this I think that again we can take the physical example of what we know today as Candida (and most yeasts, moulds, and fungi, and other parasites – micro and macro – affecting the body manifest these symptoms.) and compare it to this attitude;

Candida (yeast, moulds, fungus – representing micro and macroscopic parasites)


Causes gas and bloating

Puffs up – leads one to self-importance, and becoming ‘full of hot air’.

Destroys the integrity of the gut wall thereby inhibiting proper absorption and assimilation of nutrients, and impedes elimination of waste products.

Inhibits the willingness to be nourished spiritually, or enable this spiritual food to be taken in and applied to daily life. Also inhibits the ability to eliminate toxic influences and attitudes from one’s life.

Compromises the immune system, making one vulnerable to a plethora of other diseases, including auto-immune diseases.

Compromises the protection afforded by keeping the instructions of God, and makes one vulnerable to negative entities and self-destruction.

Can cause irritability, mood swings, depression anxiety, fogginess and fuzzy thinking.

Can cause irritability, mood swings, anxiety, and depression, and distorted thinking.

Can often cause chronic fatigue and lethargy.

Can lead to spiritual fatigue, and eventually being spiritually asleep – ‘you snooze, you lose’.

Can manifest as a visible skin condition

Is all about the importance of how one looks, including material gain.

Puts down roots and becomes systemic, thereby effecting all systems in the body.

Can become a root of bitterness in a persons’ being, leading to stubbornness, judgement of others, and an inability to overcome self-righteousness, causing division in, and destruction of, relationships with others.

If left unchecked can lead to death.

If left unchecked will lead to death.

Interesting isn’t it?

In my previous post about my Sleep Paralysis, I posed the question about these sorts of imbalances opening a portal of some sort for toxic entities to take hold. Parasites exist to largely scavenge weak, dying, and dead tissue. If we are dying spiritually, how much more will we be exposed to, and then consumed by further sins (and the word ‘sin’ simply means ‘missing the mark’), or even entities that feed off these attitudes, which will ultimately lead to our destruction?

Have you ever heard the saying; Pride comes before a fall?

In order to heal our body from yeasts, moulds, and fungus, we need to heal the inner terrain. The inner environment. In order to heal from the spiritual parasite of pride, we need to work on our spiritual terrain. Get to know your Maker. Find out what His purpose is for your life. Get down from the pedestal and examine yourself, your motivations, your actions. Each year, I look at the previous year and think how naive and immature I was. You think I would learn. The people infected with this ‘leprosy’ in Leviticus were instructed to show their condition to the priest and he would determine how it should be managed. Now we can take our condition to Yeshua/ Jesus our High Priest to have Him help us. We are taught to come in to alignment with His mind. To align ourselves with Love. So ask yourself, are your motivations and actions congruent with that Divine purpose, with the standards you have for your life? Do you even have standards?

We are works in progress. Living temples. Clean the temple, let the Light shine on every aspect of your life, into every dark and forgotten corner, and be truly free.

Many Blessings,

Michelle x

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